Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chicken blogging

Courtesy of Elizabeth, we have a transcript of Hillary Clinton's interview with the chicken pictured in the previous post:

Chicken: Why won't you debate Jonathan Tasini before the Democratic Primary?

Hillary: Frankly, if I'm forced to disclose my positions, I'll lose votes in New York State.

Chicken: Why do you support the U.S. occupation of Iraq?

Hillary: Because I'm beholden to the same corporations as the Bush administration.

Chicken: Why don't you support Medicare for all, like Tasini does?

Hillary: Because I get more health care lobby money than any other senator except Santorum.

Chicken: Why do you support NAFTA and other trade policies that send jobs overseas?

Hillary: I was on the board of Wall-Mart for 6 years. I know what's good for the corporations.

Chicken: But what about caring for the people?

Hillary: I care about the people in the boardrooms.

Chicken: Why did Rupert Murdoch and other Republicans give you a fundraiser?

Hillary: Because I am a Republican.

Chicken: No, you're running against Jonathan Tasini in the Democratic primary on September 12th.

Hillary: I've been a Republican since I worked for Goldwater in 1964.

Chicken: Whatever. But I know what you really are.

Hillary: What?

Chicken: CHICKEN!!!!

(Hillary runs away, chased by Chicken)

Meanwhile, Hillary votes in favor of dropping cluster bombs in heavily populated areas. She wants the United States to continue supplying such munitions without restriction to Israel, which dropped hundreds of them on Lebanese towns and villages, most of them in the last days of the conflict before the cease-fire took effect. They continue to kill and maim, especially children.

What was the title of that book of hers again? "It takes a cluster bomb to kill a child"? Something like that.


Blogger Eli said...

which dropped hundreds of them on Lebanese towns and villages

Actually, thousands of bombs, and more than a million "bomblets" (how cute. how utterly innocent-sounding. how utterly deadly.)

5:41 AM, September 14, 2006  
Blogger Jean said...

Bomblets. That is cute. Sounds like a wonderful little toy for children to play with. Which is exactly what happens. And then their little limbs and eyes and internal organs get blown away. Very cute.

I saw the Haaretz article with the "insane and monstrous" quote following a link from Angry Arab a couple of days ago. Or maybe it was the Democracy Now! headlines from Sept. 12. My first reaction, after the horror and disgust, was to want to blog about it, but I didn't follow through. Sometimes I just can't bring myself to comment any more. Too much outrage. At this point I'm just waiting for cosmic justice, if there is such a thing, to do its work and bring down both the Israeli and the American regimes.

12:33 PM, September 14, 2006  

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