Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brief follow-ups to the last post

The New York Times carried an article on Saturday about the art teacher in Texas who was fired because her kids saw naked statues at the Dallas Museum of Art. It's on the list of the paper's ten most emailed.

Over the past decade, more than half a million students, including about a thousand from other Frisco schools, have toured the museum’s collection of 26,000 works spanning 5,000 years, he said, “without a single complaint.” One school recently did cancel a scheduled visit, he said. He did not have its name.

The uproar has swamped Frisco school switchboards and prompted some Dallas-area television stations to broadcast images of statues from the museum with areas of the anatomy blacked out.

Good Lord above, what would these parents do on a tour of Europe's cities, or *shudder* a visit to some of Europe's beaches and campgrounds in summer? Swoon and faint, I guess.

And there have been two more school shootings in the last few days.

No updates on Eric Hamlin, the world geography teacher who was disciplined for displaying non-American flags in his classroom, and ended up leaving teaching. I guess no news is good news; I have contacts among global studies/geography teachers in the U.S. who put up all kinds of international displays, including flags, in the classroom. As far as I know no one has been arrested. Yet.


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