Friday, May 01, 2009

Back to blogging, but not here so much

It looks like 2009 will indeed be another Year of the Dog. Make that Year of the Three Dogs. Because a couple of months ago we unexpectedly acquired an addition to our pack, Bamm Bamm, from a friend in Germany who felt we could give him a perfect home. We're doing our best. ;)

Bamm Bamm is an almost four-year-old brown and white border collie with a very sweet temperament, excellent manners (unless you leave him alone in a room with food accessible), and already highly developed frisbee skills, thanks to his previous owner. A few photos:

photo by Andreja Rener

2009 is also apparently The Year of the Frisbee Club: Slovenia's first dogfrisbee club, Flipsi, was officially established in March, and contributing to its successful operation is keeping me pretty busy. For more information about our activities, check out our website and blog.

I may still blog here occasionally, but most of my efforts will be on display over at the Flipsi blog. I also finally broke down and joined Facebook, so anyone who is so inclined can find little tidbits of news about me there.