Sunday, July 09, 2006

Interesting coincidence

"The 87% of the Senate that believes U.S. forces in Iraq can stay indefinitely is also the percentage of Iraqis who want the United States to have a timetable for departure--"

but, as the author of this article Stephen Zunes hastens to add
"...the sentiments of Iraqis have never been of particular concern for American politicians of either party."

Zunes's article is worth a read--especially by anyone who thinks that all we need is a Democratic majority in Congress come November 2006, and America will be set on the right path. Bullshit. It was a Democratic Congress that authorized "Bush's" war on Iraq. And Democrats (with a few honorable exceptions) who continue to vote with the Repubicans to fund it, and refuse to call for a withdrawal.

72% of troops serving in Iraq believe their mission there is futile or bogus. (As do I.) A majority of Americans want their troops out of Iraq. (As do I.) A majority of Iraqis believe that foreign occupying troops are legitimate targets for attack. (As do I.)

But then, when were the sentiments of American troops, or American voters, let alone Iraqis, of any particular concern to American politicians?


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