Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And if we go back in history even further...

Sir: Bruce Anderson is wrong to say, "No one has ever looked foolish by sounding gloomy about the Middle East". A century ago, the region was bubbling with ideas and experiments, universal education, women's liberation, parliamentary democracy, the secular state, scientific revival.

That was before the British and French decided they should take control of the Arab world, with the help of Zionists and local stooges. We were nearly forgiven after Dwight Eisenhower, then US President, secured our withdrawal from Suez in 1956 and after Harold Macmillan's "Wind of Change" blew away the remains of the Empire.

Now George Bush and Tony Blair have put relations with Islam back to the state they were in during the Crusades, except that then Europe was still learning from the Arabs about science, mathematics and medicine.



Blogger george said...

My my, we don't leave out any history do we? The crusades to Ike to W. And nothing important in between. Try reading history of the region. By MORE than one author to get a more accurate picture. Nothing written in history ever happened exactly as recorded. Of course mistakes have been made, but by a lot of people, for many different reasons over hundreds if not thousands of years.

You blow over little details like the Ottoman Empire, WWI and WWII and their effects on the region along with very little production in ideas except along religious lines (Turkey was the exception with its non sectarian governmen)..
You then glorify islamic achievements. Which ones? Religious? They were pretty good at spreading islam by the sword until stopped in what is now France. Again, except in Turkey which always insists that it is European, this idea bubbling you mention stopped in the mid 11th century.

Yep, mistakes have been made by ALL of us. Look at it this way. The Islamic world hated us before W. Remember the USS Cole? The Khobar Tower attack? The 1st World Trade Center attack? I think a rational person would say that a large portion of the islamic world does not seem to act/think rationally (or maybe in the same century/world) to nonmuslims.

Remember the Danish cartoons? Why don't we hear a roar from the rational muslims?

I think our worst mistake was thinking that a nation ground into the dirt by a murdering tyrant (Saddam) would actually be grateful.

10:58 AM, September 20, 2006  

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