Thursday, August 17, 2006

The terror plot that wasn't

Craig Murray follows up on the dastardly plan by terrorists to cause "untold death and destruction":

[A]fter eight days of detention, nobody has been charged with any crime. For there to be no clear evidence yet on something that was "imminent" and "Mass murder on an unbelievable scale" is, to say the least, rather peculiar. The 24th person, who was arrested amid much fanfare yesterday, has been quietly released without charge today. Breaking news, another "suspect" has just been released too.

Of course, none of this means that there wasn't a plot involved:
The sinister aspect is not that this is a real new threat. It is that the allegation may have been concocted in order to prepare us for arresting people without any actual bombs.

I wonder which of the 50,000 people who read the item on Murray's blog, and the countless others who quoted and reposted the item (I confess! I confess!) will be arrested first.

Skepticism. It's the new terrorism.


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